Every Monday - Nov 6-Dec 18

Every Monday, start your week off with finding the balance and moderation in all things physical and non-physical. You can learn how to Kick A$$ and then slow it down and find the mind-body-spirit connection with breathing and meditation. We are offering two classes every Monday, taught by our resident martial artist expert, Reginald Zephyrin.

Success of the Dragon, Kung Fu

[45 MINS] 630PM-715PM
This class will focus on the physical aspects of Kung Fu. Punching, Kicking, Self-Defense, Awareness, Focus, Mind/Body Discipline and much much more!

The Ultimate Success Secret, Breathing & Meditation

[30 mins] 730PM-8PM
This will be the breathing and meditation class. People tend to meditate incorrectly hence disregarding the breathing aspect. This class will show breathing techniques, breathing systems as well different types of meditation as well as revitalize the mind for success through meditation and breathing. This class will also enhance and solidify the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

Every Monday, Nov 6th - Dec 18th ; 630PM
W New York - Downtown

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