JUMP START: Banana Skirt Productions

Wednesdays in Nov

W New York – Times Square welcomes Banana Skirt Productions for November’s Fuel program, Jump Start!

Channel your inner PopStar and dance yourself into sizzling shape at Banana Skirt Productions, the studio Shape Magazine deems “perfect for anyone who feels like cardio can be torture…an instant mood booster and a serious workout.”

Beyoncercise/Rihannacise is a calorie-torching HIIT class that combine heart-pumping signature popstar moves with calisthenic toners.

The best part about BEYONCERCISE & RIHANNACISE DANCE FITNESS!™ is that you will do moves from your fave music videos plus a workout comes with this party – complete with interval training that targets – abs, gluts, arms, and legs. This is a watch & follow style class, no need to remember any choreography!

Meet in Living Room Bar on the 7th Floor. Water and towels provided.

$25 RSVP required
Stay connected: Follow us on Instagram @wnytimessquare @banana_skirt

Every Wednesday in November 7:30-8:30AM 11/7 & 11/21 Rihannacise 11/14 & 11/28 Beyoncercise
W New York - Times Square 1567 Broadway @ 47th Street Meet in Living Room Bar - 7th Floor
Featuring Banana Skirt Productions

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