Artist in Residence


Explore the scene in the new gallery space at W Hoboken where current Artist in Residence, Ricardo Roig, is displaying his handmade, local artworks. Ricardo uses a unique method of screen printing that involves hand-cutting paper stencils with an exact-o knife and using a squeegee to push the mixed acrylic inks through the openings when attached to a screen.

Ricardo maintains a studio on 1st Street where he creates his pieces, which often focus on local attractions and familiar vistas. At W Hoboken’s gallery space, Ricardo’s pieces are displayed among an inviting, comfortable lounge space by Jenny Madden Design. Guests can mix and mingle with the artist himself while also relaxing in a vibrant, inviting atmosphere.

Thursday - Friday 12-6pm Saturday - Sunday 11-5pm M-W (by appointment only - call or email)
Artist in Residence Gallery W Hoboken Living Room
Ricardo Roig +1 (908) 447-3928 Roig Collection Studio 252 1st Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Artist in residence artwork on the wall
chairs beside table under pendant lamp inside room
blue wooden shelf and door with mirrors
group of artwork hanging on a wall

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